Why Countrywide Paintball

From the moment you arrive you can expect a warm welcome from our friendly team, even before entering our military themed base-camps. Here you will establish your post for the day and prepare yourself for battle. You can expect to find ample seating, sheltered areas and a dedicated paintball shop for snacks and supplies. With a committed and knowledgeable workforce, your day with us is guaranteed to run smoothly from the first paintball fired to the last!

All players are provided with the latest paintball equipment, protecting you from head to toe so you are not only safe but also look the part. Our overalls have been custom made with padded collars, while our flack body amour gives you an added layer that won’t restrict movement. Full-head paintball goggles are issued as standard and our lightweight semi-automatic guns will suit novices and pros alike.

Tanks, helicopters, sniper towers and hidden bases – all Countrywide Paintball venues offer jaw-dropping game fields for players to explore. Throughout the day we offer up to 14 unique objectives; become the hero in mercenary missions such as Prison Break, where you will find yourself breaking a comrade free and prevent his execution. In Resident Evil move silently through the dark forests before reaching the haunted graveyard, where you’ll need to summon enough courage to enter and lift the curse. Protect the town from the outlaws in a classic Wild West shoot’em up. The money is safely in the bank, but for how long? Whatever the outcome you and your team will create memories that will last a lifetime. For the ultimate paintball experience for you and your comrades, book with Countrywide Paintball today!