Team-building. It’s a term that might possibly make many employees recoil in fear as they conjure up images of trust exercises, hikes and having to stare deep into their co-workers eyes. Yet at Countrywide Paintball, we go far beyond mundane activities that fail to inspire; rather, employees engage in challenging missions that push the boundaries of what it means to be part of a well-oiled unit.

A variety of captivating game zones encourages players to work on important values that can translate back to the office. Who will step forward, take the match by the horns and display the leadership qualities needed to claim victory for the team? Well planned strategies can often be the difference between winning and losing; will anyone outsmart their opponents with a cunning manoeuvre? Encouraging these important attributes also adds to the drama of the game, and our experienced marshals help by issuing instructions and boosting confidence throughout the day.

Of course, paintballing is just as much about unwinding in the great outdoors as it is improving interpersonal skills. Far away from spreadsheets, boardroom meetings and the broken photocopier, stress is relieved and morale boosted as colleagues bond together in the real world – armed with a semi-automatic paintball gun! This sport will gently refocus employees’ minds without placing any pressure on their shoulders and at the end of the day, no one really loses – what matters is that players use the experience to their advantage, to come out of their comfort zones and achieve something that they might not have previously believed was possible.

Countrywide Paintball offers an experience that will have you and your colleagues recalling stories of your outing for months to come. With great value prices covering entrance and equipment hire for full day adventures, we can also create paintball packages to suit your needs. To book, simply complete the form on the right of this page or request a call back by clicking here.