At Countrywide Paintball we take pride in providing our players with the latest top-of-the-range equipment, so you can experience paintball at it’s very best. Both our protective clothing and our paintballing guns have been sourced from the industry’s leading manufacturers – it’s not often you can feel comfortable and look the part at the same time!


For every game you will be issued with a fully charged semi-automatic paintball gun, capable of firing up to seven rounds per second. Robust and lightweight our guns are easy to operate and extremely accurate – will you play the role of Rambo or the team sniper?


In any paintballing activity your googles are the most important piece of equipment you will use, crucial for protection and so you can see the enemy. We offer all players full head goggles fitted with a clear anti-fog lens as standard. Alternative options, for those that prefer the more traditional face-mask and padded hood are also in plentiful supply at every centre.

Combat Suit

Custom made exclusively for our centres, with added padding and a comfortable fit Countrywide Paintball combat suits will keep you clean and camouflaged when out in the game zones. Professionally laundered we have a full range of sizes to suit all players, from S-XXXXL

Body Armour

To keep our players extra safe, we offer protective body armour when booking your day with Countrywide Paintball. These rigid plastic plates are woven into a custom designed, fully ventilated flack-jacket to keep your torso protected while retaining flexibility.

Battle Pack

For those players that want to paint our structures a new shade of green a custom-made, waist mounted ammunition holder is available to anyone electing to carry an additional paintballs to each game zone.